Production data at your fingertips


We reduce the communication gap between management and the production floor.
Our software merges management and operations in one easy-to-use solution.

Managers need data!
And operators need a software management system that helps them do their job instead of making them input data that is not relevant to them.

CUMO satisfies the needs of both worlds!
Production can be planned, real-time data will be provided, keeping the machines running smoothly.

Let information flow seamlessly through your organisation.

Our Solution

It’s all about optimisation!
Say goodbye to ineffective paperwork, scanning, and outdated processes.
CUMO provides the operators with the fastest and most efficient way to complete a job.

Our service builds a smart knowledge base that captures the technical details needed to execute a job, such as technical steps, processes, pictures, workstations, tools and operational specifications.

In addition, it builds a smart know-how database that retains the know-how in house. This know-how database can then be used to train newcomers.

Our products capture all the nuances that, at the end of the day, determine if you're ahead of your competitors.

Industry 4.0 for all

We offer customised solutions for everyone, whether you’re an SMB or a large enterprise!
Our products cater to any business interested in lean manufacturing, digitalisation and improving their processescommunication and quality to achieve faster delivery times.

Whether you're a manager who's looking for creative ways to raise your production's KPIs and improve your company's customer centric strategy, or an operator who's looking for a solution to help your team focus on shorter delivery times whilst maintaining quality:

Contact us for a free demo and a quote.

OUT-OF-THE-BOX solution

Setup users, workstations and tools

Our free tutorials make it super easy to get started!

Add items to the planning

After your assets are inserted in the application it’s time to build the planning activities and watch the magic happen!

Keep growing your know-how database

You won’t have to worry about operational knowledge losses
ever again.

We’ll keep in touch

We will follow your development with yearly meetings and provide training and support on demand.

Great features to unlock your potential

Combine our software with the perfect hardware!

Don’t waste time finding a manufacturing / shop floor-proof device, we got you covered!

● Made in the EU
● Shockproof and waterproof
● Encrypted
● Anti-theft data protection

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Boost productivity

By obtaining our service you are not purchasing a stand-alone application but rather a
multi-application ecosystem - CUMO HOW and CUMO PLANNER are both part of the same package.
You can also decide if you want to run these systems in our rugged tablet devices.
No surprises, except in your productivity!

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Digital innovation doesn't always require big budgets. Contact us!

We will offer a solution to meet your needs, size, and expectations. Because you're our priority.

Let's improve your business.Together.