How it all started

"Having worked as a machinist myself for several years, I’ve always felt that there was a gap between the management systems available on the market and operations.

Modern resource planning systems are very good at a management level but lack the practical aspect of what really happens on the production floor. The reason being these are traditionally designed by office people to office people."

Flávio Portela - Cumo Founder

This software was born and raised on the production floor

Industry is our natural habitat

"Existing management systems do the job for which they have been designed pretty well, don’t get me wrong.
I don't want to change that.

I just realised they’re not useful to the operational sector, and mostly just end up consuming production and workforce time.

Let me give you an example: if we apply the metrics of a common MRP to most production sections, these calculate the number of parts a machine should produce given a certain amount of time. But this alone simply doesn’t reflect the reality."

Luciana Bola - Cumo Co-Founder

"In traditional management systems, everything that’s in between is missing, such as the time the operator takes to replace the inserts on cutting tools, to the time spent measuring the parts, fine-tuning machines or executing maintenance.
This was what inspired me to design a system focused on operations.
What has been achieved is a system that seamlessly provides accurate and useful information to both operators and management teams.

Our team has developed a system that takes evert nuance of your production floor into account.
This completely revolutionises operations, resulting in reduced setup times and reworked operations.

Our system intuitivelly builds an interactive know-how database."

Flávio Portela - Cumo Founder


"This catalyses not only effortless training for newcomers but it also empowers companies to retain as much knowledge as possible, avoiding major know-how losses if / when senior workers leave the company. 
Our system also facilitates better organisation and efficient stock control.

And even though it is just a short story of how it all started, we can’t wait for what is yet to come!
Our team is passionate about industry and we’re working every day to enhance not only what we’ve already created, but also to innovate systems that will break even more competitive barriers.

Manufacturing is our natural habitat and together with our clients
we’ll take manufacturing one step further!"

Luciana Bola - Cumo Co-Founder

From Belgium to the world

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