'HOW' is the perfect assistant to operators in manufacturing.

Tired of trying to memorise installations, programming small tweaks for the production of every part?
Tired of using installation paper sheets, if any?
Tired of losing time looking for tools or having questions about installation details?

This product tells you which tools to use for each installation,
where to find these tools, and where and how you should set them up.

All of this with a tap of your screen!

What this means to managers:

- Improve productivity, reduce down-time;
- Welcome your team to Industry 4.0;
- Save raw material, avoid reworks and scrap;
- Reduce costs;
- Keep the know-how in-house and accessible to everyone;
- Create space for lean improvements;
- Improve communication with, and in between, operations;
- Shorten the learning curve for newcomers;

What this means to operators:

- Know exactly which tools to use for a job;
- Save time on installations and looking for tools;
- Communicate efficiently with colleagues for tips or technical aspects of a job;
- Create lean and flawless work methods;
- Declutter and optimise your workspace;
- Effectively share valuable and meaningful technical information & knowledge with your team;
- Track common problems during machining;



Our application not only offers visibility over each section’s workstations,
but it provides full control over the workstations and their fields
- you can add and customise machine related fields and edit these according to your needs.

Doing so, allows the operators to know the diameters and lengths that a workstation uses to operate, as well as the technical specifications of each machine
(e.g.: driven tools or number of axis).
The fact that you can add and control data concerning the workstations, contributes to easier and more effective maintenance
- you can add information on what type of oil should be used on each machine and why, for instance.

In addition, having quick access to machine specifications assists the management with purchasing new equipment.


Get control over the tool’s stock.
Our application is so flexible and simple to use that in case you need to replace your tools,
or change its storage place, you only need to do it once in the system
- all of the files connected to it are updated automatically.

Cumo file

This is an innovative and interactive setup sheet that helps operators effortlessly setup a specific part to be produced.

Think of it as an interactive recipe book for programmers which they can follow to ‘cook’ their machined parts.
Newcomers also profit from this tool, as it makes it easier to access every aspect of the
company's know-how.

This setup sheet - the Cumo file - is always available on a secure electronic format,
protected from physical damage.

Avoid recurrent production mistakes and improve performance

The Cumo files let you save details that operators would find hard to remember the next time they would need to run the same job. 
For instance, how is the chip breaking, how a tool might crash against the machine jaws in a specific positions or the part’s position on the jaw.

Cumo files preserve everything that’s relevant for the operators to run a smooth machine setup.

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