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This product is an intelligent and extensive machine setup form, designed by  experienced manufacturing professionals.

Suitable for all industrial machinery and workstations. This is not another MES, but a game-changer for the production floor.
Easy to learn and easy to master. Although automation has been gaining relevance in manufacturing, the human domain still plays a key role in productivity and competitiveness.

Cumo How helps your company raise KPI’s where automation can’t. We help you focus on areas where other solutions would overlook: the human element.

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Enable effective management of multiple sections and roles at the same time you prioritise and assign production orders to sections and machines.

Stop wasting time and money with old-fashioned and inefficient processes.
Focus on what really matters: keeping your machines running.
Use time to improve your organisation and competitiveness.

An intuitive tool that includes integration possibilities with other softwares.

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Run our apps in our industry-proof tablet devices!
These rugged tablets have been carefully designed to be shock and water resistant.
They come with a locking technology to keep your data safe and encrypted in case of theft.
You can choose between 2 different screen sizes: the 12" or 10".

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