Production scheduling has never been easier.

Cumo Planner defines priorities, sets machine preferences, records production floor
and much more!
This product sets a clear and effective way of communication between the management and the
production workplace through an easy-to-use and intuitive framework.

What this means to you as a manager:

- Know which orders are ongoing;
- Have more visibility over every machine's status;
- Receive notifications and information about breakdowns / crashes that affect the
- Obtain improved scheduling, allowing time for lean improvements;
- And much more.

What this means to you as a production floor operator:

- Know which machines are free to make specific jobs;
- Have a clear production overview;
- Manage your jobs on an application that’s easy and intuitive to use;
- Decrease ‘hot jobs’ through a clear and improved order scheduling.


Planning board

The Planning Board assists the manager with prioritising production floor jobs.
This prioritisation can be sent to the operators anytime, anywhere.
The manager doesn’t need to physically go to the production floor to do it.


The Reports feature allow the team to report any issues that might be affecting productivity, like machine breakdowns or missing documentation.
This feature allows the manager to respond quickly by assigning a person to fix the issue, therefore reducing downtime.
This contributes to continuous improvement.

Easy to use

The team that designed this product has carefully thought about every feature - not only their technical details, but also their overall look and feel, ensuring the best possible user experience.

Available anywhere

Paper is a thing of the past.
Our product lets you and your team access all the necessary information anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

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